Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Sometimes you become the souvenir! #Panasianbjj

Just finished my superfight match at the Pan Asians.

The brackets changed a bit with Brazilian Oswaldo Neto removing his name from the competition and Yesterday’s Black Belt Champion Rodrigo Caparol taking his place.

Caporal caught me with a quick Achilles lock from the butterfly guard. Parental Advisory in 5—4—3—2—1….Fawk Shyt Cock Balls!!!

Video below….

Watching the match I’ve already reviewed a few errors in my leg lock defense and will use the dent in the ego armor as an opportunity to brush up on some more defensive strategies…(One of the benefits I’ll get from helping Adam Kayoom prepare for Gregor Gracie is working with multiple black belts)

With his two submission victories today, Rodrigo became the 2012 Gi and Nogi Pan Asian Champion in the Philippines.

Winning the first round bye I was “awarded” a silver medal as a contestant prize. Would have been nice to have had a few matches before Caporal, however the real reward here is the experienced gained from competing and the training I put towards preparing for the event…I’m better tomorrow because of today.

Congrats to Oscar who earned his 3rd and 4th stripes on his white belt for taking Silver Yesterday in the Gi and Gold today Nogi…with 5 total submissions during the two days!!!