Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Medical emergencies of the embarrassing kind!!


The truth is medical emergencies are a part of life. Some are more easily dealt with than others….

Guess that’s kinda like losses in MMA in a way…lol.

With my recent injury in Malaysia, my first feelings were of embarrassment. Shyness. Literally felt ashamed of what had happened.

During an intimate moment with my loved one–I suffered a penile fracture.

When it immediately happened I fled to google…searching for what to do…

In the subsequent days that followed…the Dr. In Malaysia explained to me that I was the fourth operation he has had to preform.

—but the biggest problem people suffering from this medical emergency encounter…is not immediately seeking medical attention…usually due to the same emotions I initially felt about the accident.

Life is about growing as a person, learning from past experiences…something I take great devotion in trying to do with each opportunity.

I hope my story helps someone with a similar injury in some way…as this experience is truly something you would never wish on

To any bitter ex girlfriends still stalking the blog…smile today as whatever Karma you felt was deserved has been

Moving forward, I am so appreciative that the women I love has been by Myside this entire process…and I honestly hope no one reading this ever suffers the same injury…

But if you do…this is my story