Sunday, December 8th, 2013

Would you eat this?!

Went out to Dinner with Ebrahim the other night, and he hooked up the order at a small little Egyptian restaurant in Kuwait.

I’ve had Lamb Brain before, actually while I was in India giving a BJJ Seminar, however that came after a night of partying, and was served as a Curry…I’m gonna keep it real, and say I didn’t really enjoy the Brain Curry…even though everyone else seemed to enjoy the ‘bar food’.

I figured I’d give the lamb brain another try, especially once I found out it was FRIED….LOL…You can eat anything fried.

Overall, it wasn’t bad.  I doubt I would order Fried Lamb Brain on my own, however if the table placed the order, I could eat with everyone.  Fried was a bit easier on the tastebuds than the curry. However, I still can’t get over the texture.  It literally tastes like you are eating brains!!!