Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

What promotion do the top 800 Mma fighters compete for?!

UG forum member BJ Penn Forever put together a great post. Using FightMatrix rankings he took the top 100 male fighters in each of the 8 weight classes to see what promotion their last fight was for.
So Where are the world’s top 800 fighters?

UFC 49%
Bellator 9%
M1 2%
KSW 2%
Titan 2%
ONE 2%
Other total 30%
11 events from the “Other total” category each had 1% of the world’s top 800 fights. 
Events that have 1% of the world’s top 800 fighters include RFA, BAMMA, Jungle Fight, Tachi Palace, Absolute Berkut, Legacy, Pancrase, JVT, DEEP, Road, and Cage Fury.
Although the UFC has half of the worlds top 800 fighters, those fighters the UFC does not have last competed in over 90 different promotions around the world. “BJ Penn Fan from the ug. 

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