Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Went back to the Dr. Today…


LOL…no video this time…but figured I’d give an update.

The injury was 16 days ago…

I fully went today with the expectation that the uncomfortable cord would be removed…

Unfortunately the tear to the urinary track still has a small hole, literally
the size of a pinhole….but enough that the catheder has to stay.

Usually an catheder can only be worn 3-4 days, however the Dr. has given me a Silicon catheder that can remain inside the body for up to 6 weeks.

…let’s hope I don’t have to test this catheder marketing sales point.

My next appointment is Dec.26.

Overall the Dr. Said this wasn’t unexpected my head I thought…?!?! Who didn’t expect this cord to be removed?!?!

The pinhole sized rupture will continue to heal naturally…and I’ll continue to rock the catheder strapped to the leg as the process completes itself.

Walking is difficult (picture walking your dog with the collar on his miniman)—but I’ve been given another week worth of pain pills, antibiotics, and antiinflammatories.

The medical bills have continued to pile, and are now prolly gonna get around the 20,000RM range….which is almost $6,500$…

Unable to teach bjj or wrestle, let alone fix myself a sandwich I’m going to be out of action without a steady paycheck for probably the next 8 weeks.

Even with the terribleness of the story there has been some silver-lining–friends, family, and fans have been emailing me through my blog, Facebook, and twitter with moral support and words of encouragement. (even my mortified mom)

Several newspapers, tv shows, radio hosts…who aren’t just running with the story–are actually taking the time to watch my video on YouTube…or even better…INTERVIEW me personally.—the initial stories did nothing short of “sensationalise” an already “sensational” story.

I’ve also have been having friends and fans come together in an effort to help me raise funds to payoff my significant medical debts.

Those who have donated to my PayPal via into the USA are greatly appreciated. Being so far from home, and having to hear ill be spending Xmas with a catheder was nearly heartbreaking…however the thoughtful and genuine gifts of kindness have been appreciated and come in a time of need.

Heading to bed feeling blessed, even though I’m walking through a thunder storm full of rain.

Growing as a man everyday…and adding chapters to my biography every night…lol. (pun un intended)

Appreciate all the support during this “hard” time…and honestly can’t wait till im healed and recovered and cracking jokes with you!!