Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

There is a new #MuayThai teacher in Kuwait!

Okay..I’d be lying if I pretended like I’m not excited for KhunSuek to arrive in Kuwait.

I first met KhunSuek in probably 2007,2008 while in Thailand starting the MMA program in Phuket.  He’s probably had about 300+ Muay Thai fights and while he never won the Lumpinee belt, he was consistently ranked in the top 10 representing Sor Thanikul.

KhunSuek has a lot of experience working with foreigners, besides teaching at Tiger Muay Thai and foreigner friendly WINDYS Gym in Pattaya, he has also taught abroad in the UK, Hong Kong, Budapest, and Canada.

His English, and his ability to communicate with foreigners is what really separates him from a lot of thai trainers currently teaching in Thailand.

He is use to teaching foreigners who have no experience with Muay Thai how to transition their style into a traditional authentic thai style of mauy thai…with a punchers flair.

Check this video from 2007 when he was highlighted on Budapest television.

I will start sending updates to some of the guys and see if I can’t talk him into doing a morning beach training session one weekend…inshallah.

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