Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

The countdown that began 7 weeks ago…

My last Muay Thai fight was 45 days ago, I took it as a bit of an opportunity to knock off some ring rust leading up to this Martial Combat bout against Alan Fenandes.  I got in 2 weeks of good training before the thai fight (regularly keep myself in decent shape)—but got sick, and had to go on Antibiotics 5-6 days before the Thai bout.

Losing on points, I motivated myself to improve my cardio and focus on my standup.  For the past 6 weeks I have dedicated myself 100% for this Martial Combat bout.  No drinking, no partying, a clean diet.  I have been in bed everynight (even weekends) by 10PM and have been up at 7:30 AM for my first training session.

I have been on a running program; which includes 3 days of hill sprints, and 2 days of 6KM runs.  I’ve also added in bike rides, in addition to my regular Muay Thai, and Nogi grappling training.–Now…the training is done.

I did one training session today, and will do a two- a- day tomorrow and Friday.  Saturday I’m coming into the gym to do an 8 round circuit training exercise with Joe Ray…and then my training camp is over.   I will break a light sweat Monday evening, but nothing major, and then Tuesday will cut weight for my weigh in’s on Wednesday.  Thursday is fight night.

I can not wait to get this fight out of the way and get my life back.  Every single aspect of my life has been affected in preparation for this bout, and it’s a good feeling knowing you’ve done more then enough to prepare yourself for a battle.  I’m expecting Alan to stand and wing over hand rights the entire night…so I’ve made sure to get myself in great shape.

ESPN is running a lil’ press leading up to the fight if you get a chance check out the article they did on me.