Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Ross Dallow talks training at Tiger Muay Thai for rematch with UFC Ultimate Fighter Vet. Jeremy May in Next months Inside MMA Magazine!!

TMT Alumni–Martial Combat badass–and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt Rosco Dallow fought UFC Ultimate Fighter Veteran Jeremy May during the last Australian Fighting Championship event.  In a competitive first round, May was taken down before eventually securing a triangle attempt that saw Dallow escape and mount an offensive GNP attack before the round came to a close.

…At the end of round 1–May started complaining of a ‘burning in his eye’—and UFC ref Steve Purcivelle (who’s a good ref)…noted that ‘Dallow had a scent’.  The match was ruled a DQ for Dallow–originally giving Jeremy May the win.

Ross Dallow displayed professionalism and acted appropriate in the ring after the shocking DQ—>and immediately filed a petition to have the bout overturned to a No Contest—meaning nobody gets the win and nobody gets the loss on their professional record.

Ross explained that the pre fight inspectors rubbed his body down looking for grease, lineament, and other banned substances–finding absolutely nothing. (this is the only job these people are hired to do at the event) He also noted that the ‘scent’ wasn’t apparent during the pre fight-mid ring meeting…and that he cut almost 8 Kilos in preparation for the fight…which naturally forces toxins to exit the body–and make a person ‘smell funky’.

Long Story Short—The Australian Fighting Championship has shown their professionalism by having a formula in place for fighters to appeal poor decisions.  Working with the Professional Boxing and Combat Sports Board of Australia, No irrefutable evidence was found…and the bout has is going to be officially declared a No Contest on both fighters records.

Ross Dallow wants a rematch.  He’s demanded the fight.  Now it is up to Jeremy May to accept the bout.  I’m excited for the event—and encourage anyone in Australia to buy a ticket to attend.  Rosco will put in a training camp at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Phuket for this fight—and I have no doubt that we will have him prepared to ‘smash tha yank!!!

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