Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Here are 5 techniques I use to manage my weight!!…#4 will set you up for success

Okay, I’ll admit, when I was younger, I really had no sympathy for guys that let themselves get out of shape.  I was young, and had a metabolism to match…lol.  It was nothing for me to eat 2 Carne Asada Burittos, chili cheese fries, two slushies, and some M&M’s after a friday night with my friend Pedro.

I remember earlier in my life being able to go out and party all day, then wake up and train twice the next day without missing a beat.  Not realizing it, I was burning the candle at both ends of my athletic career.  As I have gotten older (turning 32 in Dec) I’ve really realized the negative effects living unhealthy day to day causes in my athletic performance and overall body mechanics. The old analogy of your body being a high performance race car, and it needing high quality fuel, only becomes more apparent with age.

…and with that age…I’ve noticed a few extra ‘walk around pounds’…lol. My body just seems to naturally carry more weight in my 30’s than it did in my 20’s–which is understandable and for some athletes needs to be considered as a determining factor for cutting weight in competitions.

Anyways, figured I would drop a quick 5 tips that I use for helping me manage my weight now that I my natural ‘genetics’ are slowing down.

1) Drink at least a gallon of water a day

This is a difficult one for me.  One of the tips I have to actually focus on in order to be successful.  One of the techniques I use it to get a gallon of water, and measure out 8 equal parts–marking those sections with a pen on the side of the gallon.  I then put a time on each line, so that I have a set amount of water to drink by 8am, 9am, 10am, etc.

Drinking water is essential to maintain the balance of fluids in your body, the benefits of water Vs. Juice, or some of the other drinks on the market is that it doesn’t contain any calories, or carbs, with no sugar or other additives. Water will keep your kidneys healthy, skin looking fresh, and your muscles hydrated for performance.  Flushing toxins from your body, water is essential for weight loss.

2) Check your weight daily!

LOL, I take this a step further when I am at home, and literally have my scale in front of the refrigerator.  It’s kinda like paying for things in cash, Vs. using the debit card.   I never bring my debit card to the club and open a tab, because there is something with the action of actually digging into my wallet and removing cash to pay for something that slows my purchase process, lol.  Food is the same way.  When I am stepping on the scale daily, that added “15 pounds” never sneaks up on my, I see the daily progression, and it makes it easier for me to stay motivated.  While some people who are looking to lose weight might not need to look daily, anyone looking to maintain–certainly should, and once you’re okay with the fact that you are not going to lose daily–then daily weigh in’s are beneficial.

3) No Carbs after sunset

Another part of getting older is that your body naturally stops producing as much growth hormone and testosterone as you age.  High Blood Sugar can also effect the production of these agents.  When your body is asleep that is the time when your body regenerates and repairs.  A crucial part of this process is HGH(Human Growth Hormone) and IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor) which generally are produced at night while our body is sleeping.  HGH can trigger the release of IGF-1 from your liver and muscles to help build new and repair torn tissues. IGF-1 has many of the same receptors as Insulin, which regulates Carbs and your metabolism.  If Insulin is i present in your body because of a late night carb fueled snack in the bed, the IGF-1 takes a back seat, preventing the binding to receptor sites, which will negatively effect the muscle repair process. For this reason I usually say to skip the carbs after sunset.

4) Fasted Cardio, Earn your Breakfast

Some people may not agree with this statement, as different professionals have different opinions on this theory.  I am a fan of HIIT training as well, and incorporate that into my training as well.  There are some studies online that show you burn up to 20 percent more fat during a workout if it is done before you eat.  Going back to what our body does when we sleep, your body goes into a recovery mode where it conserves the carb stores and tries to utilize fat for fuel first.  Earning your breakfast before you eat also ensures your daily workout gets done, without any of the distractions of the day that work, school, etc. might cause.

5) Stuff your face with Veggies

I’m always hungry, and I’m a constant snacker.  It’s a terrible mix to have.  One of the solutions I have found is to always have fresh veggies around to either quickly stirfry, or simply eat raw.  At first I wasn’t too fond of eating raw veggies, however after committing to adjusting my diet, it is something that is easy to do now.  The added Fiber from the raw veggies is a benefit I’ll talk about later on in a blog entry when we bring up the benefits of Psyllium Husk…lol

Switching out snacks that are high in calories full of sugar and fats that I don’t need in my body for vegetables rich in all sorts of cancer fighting antioxidants is a real power tool for helping people lose weight.

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