Friday, November 7th, 2014

Ever wonder how to check if Sunglasses are Polarized? @blackflysusa @BlackFlysJapan shows how!

So I’ve been a fan of BlackFlys sunglasses for awhile.  If you’ve caught any of Season 2 of Al Batal, you’ve probably noticed me rocking the black sunglasses in each episode.

Today with Juliano Prado, I stopped by the warehouse.  I ended up picking up two new Sunnies.  I grabbed the Boss Fly Polarized in the light brown and then the Sci Fly 5 Polarized.

I came into the shop with the Sci Fly 4 I didn’t realize that this model came both in a polarized version, and an unpolarized version.  I have had the sunglasses for almost 2 years now, and always thought they were Polarized.  I actually remember shopping for another pair of sunglasses and having my ‘sunglasses’ fail their ‘polarized’ test…which immediately made me think it was a hoax exam.

–Well, today I found out my old Sci Fly 4 were not the polarized version, and Mo down at Black Flys was cool enough to show me a quick test you can do to Sunglasses to see if your sunnies are polarized or not.