Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Carrying the #sityodtong legacy is @Yodchatri

I still remember how excited I was to meet Muay Thai grandmaster Yodtong Senanan, the trainer to some 30+ Lumpinee Champions Kru Sennanan for the first time.  Already an old man, it was an honor to get to meet one of the true legends of Muay Thai before his passing at the age of 75 and to tell him how much I appreciated his work.  Many fans familiar with Sityodtong remember Kru Dellagrate and the guys from Boston showcasing just how deadly Muay Thai really was as a striking art in the UFC (Anyone remember how many stitches Kenny Florian’s Elbows gave people!?!?)

Chatri, the founder of Evolve MMA and Evolve University . has continued the legacy of Ajarn Yodtong Senanan, by bringing his curriculum to the world with a structured process of learning, organized in a sequence best fitted for knowledge accusation.  A successful entrepreneur, Chatri has really been cutting edge in his approach to structure and quality of instruction–anyone looking for an online resource to Muay Thai needs to check out Evolve University and see for themselves why Ajarn Senanan put his trust in Kru Chatri for keeping his legacy alive long after his passing in 2013.