Friday, January 20th, 2012

ANOTHER #BJJ Black Belt shows up @tigermuaythai WELCOME: Rocky Marcantoni

*BOOM*. Talk about a STACKED TRAINING GROUP right now….joining me in practice currently is;

Bellator LW tournament fighter JJ Ambrose– BJJ Brown Belt

Bangla Stadium Muay Thai Champion Rafael Lopes– BJJ Brown Belt

Top Canadian LW MMA Prospect Jason Saggo– BJJ Brown Belt

UFC Veteran Dorian Price– BJJ Purple Belt

11-0 Korean MMA Sensation Tommy Yang– TOUGH..TOUGH Blue Belt :P

Martial Combat Star and BJJ Purple Belt Wiktor Svensson

Former KOTC Champion Ryan Diaz

Pancrase Japan and One FC fighter Felipe Enomoto BJJ Purple Belt

European Champion Simon Carlsen

Swedish sensation Christopher Svensson BJJ Purple Belt

Arriving today was Rocky Marcantoni who will be staying for a 3 week training camp.  A black belt under John Rallo, Rocky has had an opportunity to train with many of the stars of the game including; Renzo Gracie, Sean Alvarez, Matt Serra, and Ricardo Almeida.  Earning his black belt in 2008, Rocky currently owns the Ground Control gym.

With M-1 Champion Yasubey Enomoto getting set to arrive…and several UFC fighters on the way…all of the younger talent training for their BBQ Beatdown and upcoming debuts are getting some great training along the veteran professionals!!