Friday, January 16th, 2015

6 secrets to get that six pack before summer!

January is quickly coming to an end.  The Holiday season of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas, and New Years has finally passed…and unless you’re one of the lucky ones to already have plans for Valentines Day–with the next major holiday season being ‘SUMMER’

Summer is the time where the weather is shinning, the sun is hot, and the girls…well they’re in their best bikini’s looking to meet that summer romance, future husband, or next Baby dady

This blog entry, I decided to share 6 ‘SECRETS’ to getting a rock hard 6 pack in time for summer.  These are secrets that I have personally used to sculpt my physic for both athletic competitions, …and more vainly….the opening season for your hottest summer vacation club stops.

Follow the 6 secrets below to get Abs like this!

Follow the 6 secrets below to get Abs like this!

1. Start your day with a Glass of Cheyenne Pepper+ Lemon+Cucumber water

Okay, this Cheyenne Pepper trick really works!  The first thing I do in the morning (even before my cup of coffee) is drink a glass of water from an already prepared container (at least 24hours) containing fresh cut lemon slices, thinly sliced cucumber, and sprinkles of Cheyenne Pepper.  This Natural energy drink gets my day started with a bit of FIRE, as the spices in the Cheyenne Pepper gets the circulatory system of your body flowing by opening the capillaries in your muscle fibers, aiding in digestion, the natural pepper also helps regulate blood sugar.  The seasoning also increases the temperature of your body which kick starts your metabolism, helping people lose weight over time. Adding the lemons helps pack the water with antioxidants, and electrolytes like potassium, calcium, and magnesium,  The lemons also stimulate the livers natural enzymes which will oxygenate the body even further. The slices of Cucumber contain Silica which is a mineral necessary to keep your muscles connective tissue healthy.  The first thing I do in the morning is start my day with this tall glass of Cheyenne Pepper Juice, usually waiting at least 30 minutes before I have any coffee,breakfast, protein, or other supplements after. I usually drink this chilled, as studies have shown a 16oz glass of cold water boosts metabolism 24 percent for up to 90 minutes.

2. Skip restaurant food for a month!

Okay, I know people who constantly sabotage their workouts.  They get a killer pump in the gym lifting weights, kill it on the treadmill with cardio, even smash out an evening session of a High Intensity Interval Training session, only to go out to eat at the neighborhood Chili’s or Applebees and kill their progress once the waiter tells them it is ‘happy hour’ and all appetizers are half off.  If you commit to not eating out.  Set yourself up for success at home.  Decide in advance what meals you are going to have, make sure they are balanced with Micronutrients (a key word saying fats, proteins, carbohydrates) and ensure your bodies fuel (food) is cleanly prepared without harsh chemicals or additives that you may not be aware of.  Tactfully planning out your ‘menu’ 2-3 days in advance will allow you to prepare meals, saving you time during the week from daily cooking. Scientist have found that people who plan and monitor their diet and exercise goals most frequently are more likely to achieve them than goal setters who rarely review their goals.  Planning meals allows you to review your diet daily.  The old saying Abs aren’t produced in the Gym, they are made in the kitchen is more true than some people would like to believe.

3. Lift weights, but don’t forget to H.I.I.T

Despite what people think, simply doing ab crunches is not enough to get a six pack.  Fat loss is not site specific and because of this we need to train our entire body weekly.  Lifting weights will help you build muscle strength while establishing core conditioning, which is essential to burning fat.  While Weight training will help you lose  by itself, it is not enough to get that 6 pack set of abs in time for your summer vacation.  To really get the most fat shredding value of your gym time you need to add in H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) style training.  A recent study I observed noted that a half hour of lifting weights burned as many calories as a 6 minute mile run.  Mixing in H.I.I.T style training with weight specific exercise will give you’re metabolism an after burn which will have it burning calories long after your workouts are complete.


…Wow…Wow…Wow.  Put down that Red Velvet Cake!  I’m talking about Dietary Fats, which are considered good for you.  I am talking about Olive Oils, Fish Oils, Mixed Nuts, Natural Peanut Butter and Avocado’s.  Choosing these healthy dietary ( polyunsaturated/ monounsaturated) fats instead of processed artery clogging trans/saturated fats will actually help lean our physic, fight off arthritis in our joints, and help our immune system keep us healthy (and in the gym) during cold season!

5. Don’t Starve yourself!

This is probably the #1 mistake people looking to get in shape (even fighters cutting weight for competition) make!  In order to lose fat, you have to prevent your body from going hungry.  If you let your body starve itself, it will hold onto fat, fearing it is going to need to use it for energy since it does not know when the next meal time is going to be.  When you starve your body on a diet, it actually releases chemical changes in your brain that make your body crave food (usually at the same time that extra cheesy pizza commercial with Free Delivery is on).  A person looking to lose weight really should be eating 3 full meals, with 3 snacks throughout the day.  If you are following tip #2, you need to make sure that these meals and snacks are full of fiber, protein, and other nutrition you are going to need to reach your body sculpting goals.

6. Is it past your Bedtime?

We all remember our parents sending us to bed as a kid, usually they didn’t care if the best part of the movie was still coming up, or if the end of the NBA Basketball game was only 8 minutes away, when it was bed time, it was time for bed.  As adults, many of us get sidetracked with Internet, Instagram, Facebook (even blogs…lol) Sleep is one of the most important components of developing a 6 pack in time for summer.  When you sleep your body releases valuable hormones that your body needs to burn fat, and rebuild muscles.  Recent studies have shown that after as few as 3 restless nights of sleeping consecutively your bodies muscle cells can actually become resistant to the hormone insulin, which can overtime lead to your body building up excess fat around your belly (the exact spot we are trying to lose it!) Make sure your body has all the hormones it needs to really melt the fat off of your belly,by getting to sleep early–this will ensure you are recovered and motivated to hit the gym and train.

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Start working on your beach body now so you will be ready for when the temperature heats up and everyone takes off their shirts for summer!

Start working on your beach body now so you will be ready for when the temperature heats up and everyone takes off their shirts for summer!